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Studio Policy 

PianoForte facilitates lessons between its students and its master pianist who provides education on the piano and music theory. These terms and conditions between you and PianoForte set out the obligations applicable to students and parents. In order to provide the highest standard of instruction, all students/families automatically agree to the following terms listed below upon registering for lessons/services. Please read them carefully before registering for lessons or services.



Tuition is due on the 1st lesson of the month. Regardless of the number of weekly lessons in a month, tuition remains the same for each month of the school year.

  • Bronze Package - $140.00 per month for 30-minute lessons (once a week)

  • Silver Package - $280.00 per month for 30-minute lessons (twice a week) or 60-minute lessons (once a week)

  • Gold Package - $450.00 per month for 60-minute lessons (twice a week)

For those beginning after the first week of the month, tuition will be prorated at $35.00 per 30 min lesson and $60 per 60 min lesson.

A $10.00 penalty fee will be assessed for any checks that bounce or insufficient funds received.


New Students

A new student cannot start a regular lesson without a consultation. Each new student is entitled to one free trial lesson, which includes a fifteen minute consultation and fifteen minute lesson to assess the student’s level. This trial lesson is only available for first time students and cannot be used by existing students.


All lessons will be held in person at the business location and no food or drink is allowed during the lesson. Students must purchase materials such as textbooks required by the teacher. 

Reservation of an assigned lesson time is conducted on a first come first serve basis. It is expected that students will keep their assigned lesson time throughout the year. If it becomes necessary to change your scheduled lesson time, this may be done at least a week in advance. If there is a schedule conflict the student will need to wait until their new regular lesson time is available.


If the student is late for the lesson, there is a 10 minute grace period before canceling the lesson. This time will not be made up, and no credit will be given. 

If the teacher is late, the time will be made up at a time mutually convenient for the teacher and the student.  


There are no lessons on the following days:

Pianoforte’s Holiday Schedule 2022-2023

  • Thanksgiving Break: 11/21/2022-11/26/2022

  • Winter Break: 12/24/2022-12/31/2022

  • Spring Break: 3/13/2023-3/18/2023

  • Summer Break: 07/24/2023-07/29/2023 


Since lessons are offered continuously throughout the year, September is the month we start our new cycle of academic year for our breaks and vacation purposes, except for new students who sign up later in the year.

Infrequent periodic breaks are good for the student, and provide them with a change in their routine; too many absences may seriously hamper a student’s progress. Consequently, parents are encouraged to see that their child (or children) does (do) not miss lessons other than the scheduled breaks, except when absolutely necessary.

If a student should choose to stop taking lessons or take a break at any time during the year, a two-week notice is required.  If a student wishes to take time off, he/she may do so but there will be no guarantee for their time slot when they return. Teacher availability will determine their spot at that point.

No refund will be issued for prepaid Membership Packages in the event that the student does not complete their lessons within the time limits outlined within the package.

If the teacher chooses to terminate lessons, a refund will be given for any prepaid lessons not used.

Missed Lessons

If you know of a conflict two hour advance notice must be given in order for a makeup lesson to be arranged. If you call in the last few hours, no makeup will be given.

No make-up or refund will be given for cancellations made without 2 hour notice. The student or parent should contact the business directly via phone to notify of a cancellation and/or to schedule a make-up. Scheduled make-up lessons canceled for any reason cannot be made up. 

In the event a lesson has to be canceled by a student due to an emergency, and notification can not be made at least two (2) hours in advance, a make-up lesson is solely within the discretion of the teacher. However, no make-up lessons will be given if the teacher determines, in their sole discretion, that the emergency cancellation is being abused.

If it is necessary for the teacher to cancel, make-up lessons will automatically be given or a credit will be given to the student as provided below. 

Credits for missed lessons will only be given when the teacher cancels prepaid lessons and an acceptable make-up cannot be scheduled. These credits will be given on the next scheduled timeslot.



Recitals are held twice a year. 

  • Spring Recital (May)

  • Holiday Recital (December)

They are required for intermediate and advanced students. A beginner student’s participation in this event is based upon the instructor’s discretion. 

In the event that an intermediate or advanced student is unable to participate in the recital, one week’s advance notice is required. If the required notice is not received, a refund of recital fee will not be given. Furthermore, in the event that an intermediate or advanced student is unable to participate in the recital, that student will not be able to graduate until the next scheduled recital.

Dates, locations, registration fees, deadlines and other pertaining details are announced in newsletters sent electronically to parents. If you have questions she will be happy to answer.


Photo & Video Release

During your children’s study with Pianoforte, their images/ photographs/ videos could be used for various promotional or educational purposes by Pianoforte. Your children’s name may be used with these materials. You are giving permission to Pianoforte to use any images/ photographs/ videos and are willing to release them into the public domain. You understand that no monetary compensation will be given for the use of the materials.

Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to show a genuine interest in their child’s learning music, to encourage their child (or children) to practice regularly, following the Master Pianist’s guidelines and instructions, and to be patient about their expectations. Parental patience, interest and encouragement often are critical factors whether a student retains his or her interest in music, and often will make the difference between a good student and a great student.

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